Chinese Fire and Alcohol Medcine!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while again. I swear, I’m at the school with world’s most terrible WiFi!!!! I mean, seriously. It’s been about 5 days since I’ve had internet in my room! I’m currently not even in my room. I’m using the headmaster’s office to use WiFi! Hopefully the internet will be back up in the next couple of days…I live in the 21st century! I need WiFi!! (For my online class and blogging of course, not just for social media! xD) Well, there is that, but I have been slacking as well. See, I’ve hit a wall. Lately during class, I’ve been ridiculously tired. More tired than normal after a good 8 hours of training. Additionally, my left knee started acting up again. I twisted it at the beginning of the summer, and I thought it completely healed, but lately it has been acting up again. This brings us to our topic for today!!! I’ve been practicing Chinese medical procedures in the past few days!!


See, my coach saw that my knee was hurting the other day, and told me to go bring him tissues, a lighter, alcohol, and a plate. I was like…”Umm….what?” Here’s what happened:

Chinese Fire Treatment performed by me!


First, pour alcohol into a plate.


Throw a some piece of tissue in the middle of the alcohol.


Light it up and…….



Warning: This does take a bit of practice!! Kids, don’t try this at home. Pretty neat, right?! Trust me…this alcohol and flame thing works amazingly!!! The morning when I woke up I was barely able to bend my knee, but after my coach did this, I was able to bend it a lot more than before! Anyway, just thought I share this cool thing with you guys. I will post more whenever I get a better internet connection, but until then, keep training and be safe everyone!! 🙂


Stop, Drop, and Roll

As a kid, I’m sure everyone was taught fire safety! I honestly don’t remember what the firefighters talked about for the 2 hour long orientation that we had, but I do remember the one thing was if your clothes catch on fire, then stop, drop, and roll! Well, let me emphasize on the roll today! I’m going to teach you guys the forward roll today! This is a very handy technique! I’m pretty sure everyone has seen a parkour video where the guy does a front flip then lands and does a roll or just jumping off of something high! Like this:


Do you know why they do that? Well, it is for that person’s own safety! The forward roll can help a person recover from a fall or get you out of situations. Here’s how to do it:

1.) The starting position is up to you. For beginners, I would start from a crouching position.




2.) Next, sprawl out a bit. Put one hand out for balance and one knee up for springing off later. Then, you want to tuck one arm under and across your body. If you were wondering, no. You don’t flip over your neck and straight down your back, well, at least not in martial arts.



3.) Spring off of both legs, then roll over your shoulder like so! Make sure you tuck you chin in.




4.) Finally, land.



In full motion:


I hope that was helpful! It takes some practice, but it is a very helpful technique! Good luck practicing 🙂

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award



An award?! Wow!! I want to thank my fellow blogger and friend from (The Book of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms) for the nomination! It fits my blog pretty well! I mean, dragons and martial arts? Sweet combo 🙂

Here are the rules for this award:

  1. Accept award with thanks.
  2. Give your readers 5 facts about you.
  3. Nominate other bloggers and let them know.

So, here are some facts about me:

1.) Aside from martial arts, I played soccer and ran cross country in high school, and I’m actually taking a tennis class next semester at the University of Georgia! Additionally, I enjoy rock climbing, ultimate Frisbee, and parkour!

2.) I’m a musician! I play guitar, piano, bass, drums, and a little violin! Lol.

3.) When I was younger, my favorite weapon were nun-chucks, but I’m too embarrassed to use them in public now because I hit myself where the sun doesn’t shine the last time I did.

4.) My favorite genres of music are rock, alternative, and pop punk!

5.) I have a weird obsession with “GLEE”!! I LOVE GLEE!! It is my favorite TV show and I love everything and anything about it! #Gleek xD

Here are my nominations:

1.) Styled by Steph 96! Well, she’s my best friend and if you want some awesome fashion advice, you should totally check out her blog!

2.) Robert Mitchell Jr.!! A fellow Martial artist, who shares awesome post all the time! My favorite is his workout dice! I want a few for myself! Please check out his blog!

3.) Mideastsun! Do you like poetry? Well, you should totally check this blog out! This person shared an awesome poem about kata to me (Click here for the poem).

Northern vs. Southern Shaolin


Hey everyone! Sorry that I haven’t posted in over a week, but I got a little tangled with extra classes in the past week. Not only am I taking an online legal environment of business class while training, I was stepping out of my comfort zone and learning a new style! See, whenever I tell someone that I’ve trained at Shaolin, the next question would be, “Did you train at the Northern or Southern Shaolin?” Well, honestly in the past I never thought that there was a big difference, until I went and tried it for myself. So, for the past week, I’ve been spending extra time outside the normal class time to practice and to learn more about the Southern Fist! The best way to describe Southern Fist is that it a lot of short range attacks and hand techniques versus Northern Shaolin practicing long stances, extending moves, and kicking. For example:

Instead of the long, pretty stances like long arrow stance that you will typically see in Northern Shaolin, most of the stances in South fist are either horse stance or “Dragon Riding Stance” (as shown below).


Long arrow stance

Long arrow stance

Additionally, the punching is different. Instead of the typical, fist horizontal punch as shown above, the punches in Southern fist are vertical. Vertical punches are generally used more for short ranged power shots.




In forms, Southern Fist moves differently as well. In North Shaolin, generally forms move left and right, but in South Shaolin, forms move everywhere. There are a lot cross overs and side steps, kind of like the form is moving like a grape vine. For example:




Southern Fist also seems more solid and power based versus Northern Fist with more fluid movements. Some popular examples of Southern Shaolin styles are like the Fujian White Crane and Wing Chun. I’m still getting used to South Fist. I’m so used to being fluid, flowing, and flipping in most of my forms that it’s kind of weird performing this one. Well, all I can really do is practice. You guys do the same! Train hard!

A Chinese Card Game!


Hey everyone! I hoped you all liked my little workout card game, but speaking of card games, I thought maybe I would introduce the most common Chinese card game to you guys! It’s a really fun game for a relaxing night with a couple of friends after training. The game is called “斗地主” (Dou Di Zhu), or translated as Duel the Landlord. Here let me show you how to play:

Objective and Intro: The objective of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand with valid combinations before the landlord. Generally, the game is played with 3 people. Of course, you can have more, but you will just need another deck of cards. A standard 54 card deck will do. Anyway, there is one landlord against the two peasants. The landlord rules as a tyrant, always putting taxes and jacking prices up for the peasants. So, this made the peasants want to revolt. In the game, the two peasants will work together to try and beat the landlord (but no cards can be shown to each other and no swapping cards. Only verbal communications saying things like “no I can’t” or “yes, leave it to me” or “don’t play, I can win” things like that.

Game Play: 


Well, to begin since it is two against one, whoever the landlord is will get 3 extra cards. So before dealing, take three cards out on the side. How to you determine the landlord? Normally, you would place bids and the one that bids higher is the landlord, but I like to keep things simple. Just flip one card and place it anywhere in the deck.



After dealing, the person with the flipped card will be the landlord! If the person doesn’t want to be the landlord, he can simply just pass the three cards to the next person. If it comes around a full circle, then whoever had the flipped card must be the landlord. Another rule is that if you flip the three cards, you have to take landlord position. You can’t flip the three cards then say, no I don’t want to be landlord.


Next pick up your hand and see what kind of cards you have!! This is the fun part. You can start working on combinations and strategies here! What I like to do is first rearrange them in order then by combinations like pairs and triples. Keep scrolling down to see all the different combinations that you can play.



Now you can start! The landlord starts by playing whatever combination he/she chooses, in the case, pairs. After that, the peasants can start fighting back. The direction of who goes first is up to the group. Generally, it goes clockwise, but you can go counter-clockwise too. The peasant has to play a higher pair to beat it. It can’t be the same!!!


Then if goes in a circle, with the same combos until one can’t play anymore.


If the player passes, double tap the table or just say pass.


Then the cards go to the discard pile, and whoever last played can play another combination for everyone to fight! Unfortunately for the peasants, the landlord won that round, so he gets to play again… Do you get it now? Well, just in case, I’ll demonstrate one more round for you guys!


So the landlord plays a single this time. A few turns passed and a peasant plays the colored joker!! Whoa!!! The highest single possible!!! The landlord can’t possibly beat that, unless he had a bomb! Well, he doesn’t so peasants win this round.


Now clear the table. And play again!! Now the peasant can play any combination he/she desires! That’s the general game play of the game! Pretty simple right? It takes a bit of strategy too as you play the game more.

Legal Combinations: Here are all of the legal combinations that you can use to try and get rid of all of your cards!

First of all, Singles. From highest to lowest, the ranking of the singles are: Colored Joker, Black and White Joker, 2, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3.

Straight! This is 5 or more consecutive singles!


Pairs. Highest pair being a pair of twos.



Pair straight! You need a minimum of 3 back to back to back pairs to make this combo. Of course, you can also have more, if you are lucky.



Three of a kind. This combo is pretty special because you can play them by themselves or attach cards either a pair or a single next to them.




Three of a kind straight. Minimum two numbers back to back to each other! Of course, if you get a lucky hand you can have three consecutive. They have to be something like 888 999 or QQQ JJJ. You can’t just mix any three of a kinds together. Plus the cool thing about this is that each three of a kind can carry a pair or a single. It is a really good way to get rid of some cards!





The bomb! It is a four of a kind combo that can beat anything except a double joker. Whenever you want to tick off the landlord, just throw this down because you are almost guaranteed to win the round! The only way for another person to beat it is if they have a higher four of a kind or double joker.


Four of a kind attachments! Well, this is just to get ride of more cards. Technically you can attach two random singles or two random pairs to get rid of more cards, but it wouldn’t be considered a bomb anymore. Meaning, someone with any four of a kind can beat it.


Finally, the combo that beats anything! The double joker! The highest ranking combo that any player can play!


Some Words of Wisdom: Well, I’ve explained the rules, now it’s your turn to play! Some advice for the game, try your best to save some of your high combinations and higher cards towards the end. You don’t want to end up in a game where all you have are 3 and 4 singles in your hand. It takes some practice and the more you play, the more you will understand the strategy behind the game. You sometimes have to take apart a bigger combination. Anyway, have fun with this game! It’s one of my favorites here in China, and it gets intense sometimes!


Fit Friday! (Circle of Death)

Hey everyone!! It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Fit Friday’, but after today’s training I was inspired to write this post! Earlier this afternoon, my coach brought a deck of cards. My first thought was, “Yay! Easy day! We can relax and play a few card games!” HA! I was wrong. He used it to determine what workout we did! Well, I admit. It was actually pretty fun though.



Have you ever played circle of death? In America, it is a drinking game where players draw one card per turn and perform the action based on the card, like if you picked up 8 then you pick a date and when you drink, he/she drinks or an ace is waterfall drinking and so forth. Well, in China, the circle of death means a mean workout! The game is like circle of death with each student drawing a card and doing whatever based on what is drawn. Here were the rules for our game:

  • Ace: Everyone but you frog jumps around the room once.
  • 2: One leg hop around the room once.
  • 3: 20 Push-ups
  • 4: Bear crawl around the room once.
  • 5:  Run 5 laps around the room.
  • 6: 20 Squats
  • 7: 20 Burpees.
  • 8: Pick one person and for the rest of the game, whatever you do your partner does it too.
  • 9: 50 Sit-ups
  • 10: Plank until your next turn.
  • Jack: Perform a kata
  • Queen: Sing a song!
  • King: You are King, so relax this round.
  • Joker: You have to do whatever the other players draw until your next draw.

Seems fun, right? Well, after a few rounds it gets tiring, but I think it is a good workout idea!! You guys should try it! Anyway, that’s all I want to share for today 🙂

Double Broad Sword Movements!


Hey everyone! Well, it took about 2 hours to learn movements, about half a day to form a form, and the rest of the time to get the movements down well enough to share with you awesome people! My form is subject to change, but the movements that I’m about to share are notorious poses and movements that are in most, if not all, variations of the double broad sword forms. Well, here you go!

1.) The first thing I had to learn was this wicked stabbing and cut combo!



2.) Next I had to learn how to twirl the swords! There were two main ways of twirl. Not going to lie, they were hard to get down and they take a lot of coordination and practice, but they look pretty sweet! Here’s the first way (and the easier one).



3.) Here’s the other one!


4.) There is also this cool looking pose! Theoretically, you are cutting someone in front while stabbing a person behind you. Then, you get into a long wing stance to make it look cool!



5.) Last but not least, my closing move! My coach taught me a few other closing bows, but I think I like the one the most!



In case you were wondering, yes. I did grab the blade of the sword. Don’t worry, one the swords are not sharp at all. They are super flimsy. It’s like laying about 10 sheets of aluminum foil on top of each other. Anyway, I need to practice more to make the form and twirling more fluid. I struggle with #3 the most, and #2 needs to be more fluid. Well, that’s it for today! Thanks for reading, train hard, and I’ll see everyone later!