New Year, New Me


Hey everyone! Wow..100 followers. Thank you guys! I apologize for not having time to blog in the past 3 months. Let me tell you…. I was one busy man. I had a regional conference in Charleston, South Carolina for my business fraternity, I was in another Greek fraternity (which I later resigned from), I started working a new job, then finals, school, know what? No excuses.

To be honest, in the past few months, I haven’t even had the time to practice much. But, hey…New Year, New Me! I pretty much got lazy and last semester with everything, but this year is a whole new story. See, just recently I resigned from my Greek fraternity so I could dedicate more time to my business fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon.


Yes, that’s them! Beautiful people, with bright futures, business majors, and just a lovely family of friends. This picture was actually taken at our regional conference back in November. Anyway, they have become my life. This semester, I was named Recruitment Chair and Production Assistant! So exciting right?!  Additionally, I’m keeping myself busy by working a job as a professional fundraiser at Ruffalo Noel Levitz. It’s a pretty boring job, but I get paid to just talk on the phone so I guess it’s not too bad. Plus I’m keeping busy with taking 15 credit hours this semester.

So in conclusion, I’m going to be busy, but I will try my best to set aside time to talk to you guys! My plan is to blog at least once or twice a week. Plus, it keeps my martial arts studies sharp when I take a moment to review my path and reflect on what I’ve learned. Anyway, I’ll leave it at that tonight. Look forward to some new post this year, and new techniques, tutorials, and much more! I’ll try my best to keep this active! Thanks again for all the support, and keep on training!


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