Throwback Thursday

Hey everyone! Well, earlier I was just scrolling down Facebook and I ran into this:

It is one of my student’s blogs about her experience in China this summer! Of course, being me…I skipped straight to the part where she talked about Shaolin haha! Anyway, this post just gave me flashbacks and made me really miss my students and China. Words can not describe how amazing it was to have had the opportunity to coach these students.

Here’s their video that they made talking about their experience at Shaolin. This literally made me cry. It was amazing, and if you still don’t believe me about how amazing it is to have the Shaolin experience, watch this video. I’ll shut up! Haha! Anyway…that’s it for today.

Update! :)

Hey everyone! I’m a little behind on blogging, but don’t worry, I’m still here! Well, I just moved into my new apartment in Athens, and man…it is awesome!! I’ll show you guys later as soon as we finish setting up and decorating a little bit more. It is still pretty blank. Well in the past week, I’ve been helping my parents out at the store and getting ready for move in day, but I start going back to UGA Karate Club in two days! So, look forward to some new post coming up! Originally, I planned to update every other day or something in China about what I’ve learned, but sometimes it just takes a little while to sink in. Look forward to more mini throwbacks of lectures, tutorials, and everything from Shaolin with the additional things from UGA Karate Club. Until then, please continue to share and follow! 🙂

But he doesn’t know the territory!: Shaolin Temple part 2

And here’s part 2 of her post! Again, don’t forget to click her follow button!! She’s an amazing writer 🙂

Eva in China

First of all, to all (both) of you who enjoyed my The Music Man reference, thank you. Actually, this post is pretty long, so if you wanna just watch that video and not read this then I won’t judge you hardly at all.

Thursday was our final day of gongfu practice. I don’t have much more to say about gongfu, but wow do I have more to say about our teacher. Like, I knew that he grew up in America, that his native language was English, that he only came to China in the summer. I just didn’t believe it until I saw it. He speaks Chinese like a native speaker (at least to my ears) and he’s so at-home in the gongfu world that his “Chinese” personality is a fully fleshed out. Generally speaking, even when us HBA kids are speaking Chinese and embracing Chinese culture, we seem like…

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Every day is a leg day, and other bad news: Shaolin Temple part 1

Hey everyone!! Well, I’m home! Back in the good ole U.S.! It’s good to be back, but I do miss China, especially that week I had coaching. Why do I say that? Well, here’s what one of my students and friend wrote, a two part blog post about her Shaolin Experience. Her story doesn’t just put a smile on my face, but it inspires me to continue coaching in the future. Anyway, I’ll let you guys have a look at her post. It is the perfect description of what Shaolin is. Don’t forget to click her follow button!

Eva in China

Pictures are at the end. You can skip to them if you don’t care about me respecting you.

On Friday, immediately after our weekly test, we headed to Beijing West Railway Station and boarded the train to Zhengzhou. Many of us were excited to take the 高铁 (gao1tie3 = “high-speed train”). Man, it was SO FAST. It was like that scene in 2001 where he’s going faster than light and everything keeps changing colors and all you see out the window is that weird plaid pattern. Except I’m kidding, and it was actually indistinguishable from a normal train ride.

I would have liked to wander a little bit in Zhengzhou, but soon after we arrived we were whisked away in a bus to the Tagou Gongfu School, where we would be staying for the week. The campus environment is a little surreal—I can’t stop feeling like I’m in a movie…

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Shaolin 2015: Check :)


Hey everyone! Well, I can check Shaolin off of my 2015 list. It was bittersweet to leave, but I’ll probably be back next year. Despite the rigorous 8 hours a day training, I always have fun. I have to say though, this year was probably one of my best at Shaolin! I had many adventures hiking, color run, learning different forms, flips, sparring, and coaching! Here, allow me to reminisce through my adventures this year:


Well, to start off, I met amazing people this year. I coached one French martial artist named Kent, and I taught him one of my signature forms, Tiger fist! Speaking of coaching, I got quite the experience this year with coaching! I’ve coached several tourist groups like this group from Kenya!



I even had a group to myself! The Harvard-Beijing Academy students that were here for about a week! #HBA # 哈北班



I probably had the best time with these people! Between our 8 hour hike, late night serenades, and dinners, these amazing people became more than my students, but my friends!

latenight HBA



Speaking of hiking, we hiked up the highest mountain in the Shaolin area! 1500 meters up! By the way, hiking isn’t the same in the States as it is in China. In China, it means about a million stairs to climb up on! I think we climbed a total of about 300 flights of stairs or something? or 300 stories? I don’t know, but it was a lot. Hey! We made it though, and that’s all it matters! We conquered Song Mountain!!

hiking hiking2 hiking3 hiking4


Of course, I also hiked some smaller mountains. My favorite was probably when I went swimming in the spring at 5 dragon springs! (For more about this adventure: Click here There are more pictures too!)

Mount 12 Mount 7

Oh! I also did a color run up a mountain! Yes….a 5k up a mountain. It was awful, but still pretty fun! I got first!! 🙂



Now, I want to give a shout out to my roommate, Jacob Bower! How many roommates study abroad in China and meet each other in front of the Shaolin Temple? Not many!! It was also touring the temple with him that day!!




Alright..aside from all the fun I had, I did actually do some training! I mean, I coached so that was my mental training, and I trained 8 hours a day physically. Anyway, I focused a little bit more on sparring than anything else. I did learn a double broad sword form, and broke a sword in the process…. (If you are curious about a few double broad sword movements: click here)

sword broke


I also learned Southern Shaolin style forms, so that was cool. I liked being able to branch out! (If you are wondering what are some differences between Southern Shaolin and what you are used to seeing in Northern Shaolin: Click here)



Additionally, I also learned a bit of Chinese medicine like the Fire and Alcohol Massage Therapy! (Click here for more information) (For how: Click here)



Finally, my adventures this year (and every past year) would not be complete without my coach. We’ve been through thick and thin in the past, and training is always fun with him.



Well, that’s all folks! I’ll be back in the states in about 4 days, in the meantime I’m going to be spending time with family. If you want to see a little bit of what my room was like and the view and everything, click here. If you want information about how to go to the school and get the Shaolin experience yourself, feel free to shoot me an email at I can’t wait to be back in the States, and I’ll keep all of you posted when I can! 🙂

A Tribute to Bruce Lee


On this day in 1973, one of the greatest martial artist died. Bruce Lee was a man who accomplished unbelievable things in the field of martial arts. He made many movies to showcase his talents, and he also created his own style of Jeet Kune Do. To me, this man was a legend and a hero. I’ve always and always will strive to be at his level. Today, I want to share a few of my favorite quotes by Bruce Lee. These quotes aren’t just words by a famous man, but they are a way of life to me.

  • “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”
  • “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”
  • “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”
  • “If you always put a limit on everything you do, physically or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

I’ll just leave it short and simple today. Lately, I’ve been crazy busy with my last week of training here. Instead of the normal 8 hours, I’m doing 10 hours! Yes…I know, I’m pretty crazy, but since I’m leaving Shaolin in 3 days to go see family, I might as well try to get as much as I can, right?

WuShu 1101: Success!



Hey everyone! So, for the past week, I had the opportunity to have my own class! I usually do a lot of coaching in my international training group, but with my coach’s help. I went in this coaching this class without a set standard or schedule, so it was all on me. I didn’t know what to expect, and I was really nervous about it. But, I just went in and tried my best to coach this amazing group from Harvard’s Study Abroad program!


I am more than impressed with what this group had accomplished in just 3 days of training. They learned some basic kickboxing moves, basic stances, 2 forms, and we even had a little flips class! I really hated that we only spent 3 days with each other training, because there was so much more that I wanted to share with all of you. Anyway, to the students in this program, aside from training I had an amazing time with you guys. It was my best week here in China. From the meals that we shared and hiking up the tallest mountain in the Shaolin area to the mid afternoon and night jam sessions, I will never forget the memories that we made. We are more than just coach and students, but we are all friends. I really hope that I was able to give you guys the Shaolin experience that you guys wanted to see, and hope that we will meet in the future!